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Team Run Workouts: Tuesday Evenings 6:00pm*
* Always check the team (Google) workout calendar and/or weekly workout notes
* We used to call these "Track" workouts but we almost never do them on a track

Location: Indoor vs. outdoor track or along the river; dates and times are approximate, but in general:
April thru November Outdoors along the Charles River or on Steinbrenner Stadium Track
Note: During foul weather, these workouts can be performed on an indoor track, or on a treadmill.

Format: Warm-up, main set and cool down followed by optional calisthenics. The warm-up includes dynamic movements and a mix of easy running or drills. The main set includes intervals, usually at a relatively high intensity level for more experienced & fit runners, or with less intensity for less experienced or fit runners. Following the cool down there is an optional 10-to-20-minute running-strength workout.

DateMain Set or Focus Notes and Extras
Thru mid-May 2020Aerobic Base BuildingA running workout to build your aerobic base.
Optional workouts (one per week) for athletes who are in tip-top shape - no aches or pains, and not even the hint of a sniffle! Do not perform more than one high-intensity running workout per week during this time-frame.
 Fartlek with Shorter SurgesShorter, faster surges with longer recovery
 Fartlek with Longer SurgesLonger surges just above race pace, shorter recovery
 Negative-Split IntervalsNegative splits - faster on the second half
 800s along the CharlesYasso 800s along the river.
 5x7 Fartlek along the Charles5 times (4' faster than race pace plus 3' easier )
 Short Intervals along the Charles8 x (1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy)
 LT 400s along the Charles8-10 x 400m along the river
 8s and 4s along the CharlesAlternating 800s & 400s along the river

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