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Fartlek Workout - Longer Surges Outdoors

Objective:Build running strength and speed.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up plus any additional drills or exercises for the day.

Main Set

6 minutes very easy (conversational) pace - heading NE, then turn around
4 minutes moderate pace to return to the starting point

Note: Regarding the surges, these should be done at above-race-pace, but not particularly hard, since recovery intervals are only half the time of the preceding surge interval. Start conservatively! Begin each recovery with a slow jog and build (rather) quickly back to, or close to, race pace. This workout has about 27 minutes of running, so turn around before the 6-minute surge, and after the 3-minute recovery following that surge. You should finish the second 2-minute surge about 8 minutes from the starting location. Turn around and jog back to the start for your cool-down.

Surge 2, Recover 1
Surge 4, Recover 2 (turn around)
Surge 6, Recover 3 (turn around)
Surge 4, Recover 2
Surge 2, Recover - turn and return to start

Cool DownJog back to the starting location; exercise & stretch for the remaining time available

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