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Track Workout - Negative Splits Along the Charles

Objective: Train up your threshold (and mental toughness).

Notes for performing outside along the Charles River: Start at the first covered bench after the Mass Ave bridge heading NE along the River. Run at or just under your goal race pace for four minutes, turn and crank it up a bit on the way back to the starting point. The return trip should be faster!

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up.

Main Set

Every repeat starts on an interval of 10 minutes
Pace Rest/Recovery Interval
4 out
4 back
2 recover
First 4 minutes at or barely faster than goal race pace; turn and come back faster - you should arrive in less than 4 minutes!

Two minutes (more or less) of active recovery - walk or jog, no standing around!

Cool Down15 minutes - walk, jog, stretch, move the legs. All interval workouts are relatively high-intensity and require a good cool-down period to flush out all the junk. Do not cut the cool down short!

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