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Fartlek Workout - Shorter Surges Outdoors

Objective:Build running strength and speed.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up plus any additional drills or exercises for the day.

Main Set

6 minutes very easy (conversational) pace - heading NE, then turn around
4 minutes moderate pace to return to the starting point

Note: These are short-duration surges relative to the recovery interval, so the surges should be quite fast and hard. But start conservatively! The recovery intervals are quite long, so start each recovery interval at a slow jog and build back to, or near to, race pace. This workout has about 36 minutes of running, so turn around after about 18 minutes (before the second 3-minute surge). You should finish at the starting location.

Surge 1, Recover 2
Surge 2, Recover 4
Surge 3, Recover 6 (turn around)
Surge 3, Recover 6
Surge 2, Recover 4
Surge 1, Recover 2 (you should be back at the starting location)

Cool DownJog back to the starting location; exercise & stretch for the remaining time available

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