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Running Workout - Short Intervals

Objective:Build running strength and speed.

Warm Up

Perform a standard warm-up plus any additional drills or exercises for the day.

Main Set

6 minutes very easy (conversational) pace - heading NE, then turn around
4 minutes moderate pace to return to starting point

Note: Regarding the fast intervals below, begin at a moderate pace and build speed during the minute, then decelerate slowly and with control before turning around. The goal is not to run as fast as you can, but rather to move your legs through a progressively greater range of movement, with speed, power and control.

8 X (1 minute fast, turn around and take 2 minutes to jog back to starting point)

3 minutes very easy heading NE, turn around and jog 3 minutes back to starting point

Cool DownJog back to the starting location; exercise & stretch for the remaining time available

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