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UpMyGame Clip Viewing Notes

To view the raw clip (without any audio comments or drawings), click TURN COMMENTS OFF to the right of the player, And then in the Comments box, click Deselect all and close the box. To selectively view comment sets, toggle the sets ON or OFF. In the example below, all comments except the "eric arms" comments have been turned off

Reverse the procedure to turn all comments back ON.

The comments list identifies each "coaching session" or comment set, listing the person making the comments, the date, and the title I assigned for that set of comments (usually the swimmer's name followed by a self explanatory label: arms, breathing, kicking, etc.). I am usually logged in to the video editing site as "breakwaterbill", but sometimes as "netwa" - so you may see either of those names first.

On older video assessment pages there may be numbers at the start of a set of comments. For example: 2.786, 3.5

These identify the video frames to which the comments for that aspect of the assessment have been attached. You can jump to a frame by clicking on the corresponding frame thumbnail (hold the mouse pointer over the thumbnails to display the frame numbers):

Video Evaluations

For evaluations before June 28, 2010, a second window will open and you will need to log into the UpMyGame website (it costs nothing to create an account there.)

For evaluations from June 28, 2010 or later, the video player is embedded on the webpage and there is no need to log into UpMyGame.

Athlete Last Update
or Home Page
Alon Goren

Nov 3, 2010

Andrea Love

Nov 3, 2010

Barbara Brenda Botros

Nov 4, 2010

Chris Carper May 4, 2010
Caroline Lowenthal June 28, 2010
Christina Birch April 24, 2010
Eric Alm

June 28, 2010

Gordon Weintrob arms side 10-04-05
Hans Wildschutte rotation 10-04-05
Katie Quinn

arms front 10-04-12
arms side 10-04-05

Kristin Schleicher

April 27, 2010

Lindsey Holland

wetsuit 10-04-05
no wetsuit 10-04-05

Lucy Kohnen

June 28, 2010

Matthieu Talpe

May 1, 2010

Michael Swanwick

Nov 15, 2010

Pavel Gorelik

arms front 10-04-12
rotation 10-04-05

Piotr Fidkowski


Sarah Billmeier

Nov 15, 2010

Scott Landers arms side 10-04-12
arms front 10-04-12
Senovio Shish

arms front 10-04-12
breathing 10-04-05

Shaena Berlin April 25, 2010
Stephen Kuhn breathing 2010-04-12
kick 10-04-05
Tom Brown breathing 10-04-05
Zuzana Trnovcova April 25, 2010

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