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Track Workouts: 7:00-8:00am Tuesdays

Location: Indoor vs. outdoor dates are approximate, but in general:
April thru November Outdoors on Steinbrenner Track (indoors if below 40°F, or during heavy rain).
November thru March Indoors on the Johnson Athletic Center track (Z Center 3rd floor, above skating rink).

Format: Warm-up, main set and cool down followed by optional calisthenics. The warm-up includes dynamic movements and a mix of easy running or drills. The main set includes intervals at a relatively high intensity level for more experienced & fit runners, or with less intensity for less experienced or fit runners. Following the cool down there is an optional 5-10 minute running-strength workout.

DateMain Set or Focus Notes and Extras
09-Oct-2018Pose 200s  
16-Oct-2018Yasso 800s  
23-Oct-2018Alt 800 & 400 Intervals 
30-Oct-20185K Pyramid 
06-Nov-2018LT 400s 
13-Nov-2018Mixed Intervals (4s, 8s, 2s) 
20-Nov-2018Alt 800 & 400 Intervals 
27-Nov-2018Fartlek 1/1 1 minute harder, 1 minute easier, repeat...
04-Dec-2018Fartlek Pyramid 1Easy interval is half the harder interval
11-Dec-2018Fartlek Pyramid 2Easy interval is always 1 minute
18-Dec-2018Fartlek 2/2 2 minutes harder, 2 minutes easier, repeat...
25-Dec-2018Merry Christmas!No track practice
01-Jan-2019Happy New Year!No track practice

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