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Track Workouts: 7:00-8:00am Tuesdays

Location: Indoor vs. outdoor dates are approximate, but in general:
April thru November Outdoors on Steinbrenner Track (indoors if below 40°F, or during heavy rain).
December thru March Indoors on the Johnson Athletic Center track (3rd floor, above the skating rink).

Format: Warm-up, main set and cool down. The warm-up includes dynamic movements and a mix of easy running and various drills or exercises. The main set includes intervals to be done at a relatively high intensity level by more experienced runners, and with less intensity by less experienced (or less fit) runners. The cool down may include some easy running or walking, various exercises and stretching.

DateMain Set or Focus Notes and Extras
12-Dec-20175K Pyramid Coach Bill is away - workout is one of our standards
05-Dec-2017Alt 800 & 400 Intervals

Coach Bill is away - workout is one of our standards

28-Nov-2017LT 400s


21-Nov-2017Yasso 800s  
Mixed Intervals (4s, 8s, 2s)


*race week* Short Course TaperDo this if you have a sprint or Olympic tri this week

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