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Drill Sequence Directory

How to Drill: Begin slowly, then increase speed to the extrent possible without sacrificing form. Always drill mindfully. Perform drills only one length at a time initially, stopping at each wall to re-focus your mind on the goals for the drill. Generally speaking, the goal of each drill is to perform one or more specific actions, exactly correctly. The focus of the drill is usually something that you want to make automatic. But note that drills are not swimming - they are a purposeful execution of some aspect of the stroke. Most swimmers do not drill enough, drill too quickly, and do not drill carefully enough. Master the drills, and you will swim better.

When performing a drill, focus on only one thing at a time. For example, while performing the extended side balance drill you might focus on your head position for several lengths, then focus on your leading arm position for several lengths, and then focus on kicking toward the wall for several lengths.


Floating and Relaxation Drills

Front Float Drills

  • Jellyfish Float
  • Front Float "I"
  • Front Float "Y"
  • Front Float "X"

Bottom Float Drill: Bottom Float

Balance Drills

Front Balance Drill: Front Balance

Back Balance Drills

  • Back Balance
  • Extended Back Balance

Side Balance Drills

  • Side Balance
  • Extended Side Balance

Dynamic Balance Drills

  • Back-Side-Back
  • Side-to-Side
  • Back-Side-Belly-Side-Back
  • Extended Back-Side-Back
Arm Stroke Drills

Setup Drills

  • Dryland Setup
  • Sharkfin
  • 6-1-6 Fingertip Drag
  • 9-3-9 Fingertip Drag
  • Fingertip Drag

Catch and Pull Drills

  • Dryland Catch and Pull
  • One-Arm Paddle with Kickboard
  • One-Arm - Unused Arm Front
  • One-Arm - Unused Arm Back


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