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Front Balance Drills

Move your body like a torpedo at the surface, face down. (One drill only - two video clips.)


Front Balance Drill

Begin with good posture (belly in, neck tall, chin back), and maintain good posture for the length of the pool.

  • Arms
    • Beginners: Extended out front.
    • Others: Relaxed at sides.
  • Head: Look STRAIGHT DOWN (except when breathing).
  • Breathing
    • Option 1: Lift your chin to breathe, and do it quickly because you will sink! (Beginners can scull with hands to provide a little support while breathing.)
    • Option 2: Roll onto your back to breathe. Take two breaths and get totally rebalanced at the surface before rolling back onto your belly.
  • Legs: Kick gently, keeping your legs near the surface, barely disturbing it with your heels. Focus on recovering legs toward the surface using your glutes, not your hamstrings.


Here is a nicer version of the drill from Go Swim:


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