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Bottom Dwelling for Relaxation

Use this drill to quiet your natural panic response. Exhale all of your air and sink to the bottom, face down. Relax and let all of the tension go from your body. If you do not exhale all of your air, you will have a hard time getting to the bottom. Your body will want to breathe, but you do not need air while lying still on the bottom. Because you are not using energy (if you are truly relaxed), you can remain in this position for a minute or so.

Perform this drill 2-3 times at the start of your workout. If you are sharing a lane, or if there is a lifeguard on duty, explain what you are going to do, so THEY don't panic when you are lying still on the bottom.

A variation of this drill is to crawl slowly along the bottom, using just your fingertips and toes.




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