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Still Sequence Directory

These pages use sequences of still shots from video clips to illustrate various aspects of good swimming techinque or common problems.

Webpage Description
Good Catch from the Side

The early vertical forearm catch viewed from the side.

Good Pull from the Side

The high-elbow pull viewed from the side. This is what happens after the good catch - see above.

Good Catch and Pull from the Front

The early vertical forearm catch and pull viewed from the front.



Breathe Early and Deep

Sequence illustrating the start of a good breath. (If you can start it right, you have a shot at finishing it right!)

Breathing Deep in Open Water

A few shots (not a sequence) illustrating good breathing technique in open water. You will need to combine breathing with sighting.



Problem: Chin Up

A few shots showing how keeping your chin up can turn your body from a torpedo to a banana.

Problem: Crossing the Centerline

Crossing your centerline is never a good thing. It's like paddling a kayak by sweeping the paddle under the boat.

Problem: Deep Arms

If you are an endurance swimmer, there are lots of reasons NOT to get your arms deep in the water. (If you are a sprinter, an argument can be made for getting your arms deep, but you won't find that here.)







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