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Indoor Triathlon Training

Some materials are in PDF format. Those are marked PDF, and if they contain video clips, and you will need Adobe Reader 9 (or later) to play the clips. Adobe Reader is a free download, available from www.adobe.com.

Warming Up

Phase 1: Activate your muscles and lubricate your joints. This should take about 5 minutes. See the All Sports Loosening-Up Routine

Phase 2: Warm up your heart and lungs. Begin sport-specific movement, gradually increasing your level of effort. At the end of 5 minutes, you should still be breathing comfortably, but feeling warm and ready to go hard. I do not recommend drills during the warm-up period - you should be swimming, cycling, or running (or in the last case, walking if you are newer to the sport).


Running Cool-Down and Stretching Routine

Running Strength Routine

Technique: See the Drill Videos - Running page


  • Swimming Cool-Down and Stretching Routine
  • Swimming Strength Routine


  • Cycling Cool-Down and Stretching Routine
  • Cycling Strength Routine






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