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Triathlon Training
Running Strength Routine

You can perform this routine up to 3 times a week, with one day of rest between running strength routines. If you do this routine the same day as a run, perform the strength routine after your run.

Repeat each exercise until you begin to feel a burn in the targeted muscle group. Do not repeat an exercise until failure (that is something you might do when exercising with heavy weights).

  1. Calf Strengthening Drills (can be done barefoot)
    1. With straight legs and standing on toes, take 10 steps in each direction: forward, backward, left, right.
    2. Repeat "a" above, with toes pointed out.
    3. Repeat "a" above, with toes pointed in.
  2. Shin Strengthening Drills (can be done barefoot only on a soft surface)
    1. Repeat the straight-leg walking pattern as above, but do this on your heels
  3. One Leg Balance Drills (can be done barefoot)
    Use a chair to provide minimal support. The ultimate goal is to do these with no support. Start slowly, never swing your leg wildly. Repeat each exercise until you feel a ligth burn in the targeted muscles
    1. Forward-Backward Straight-Leg Swings (upper hams)
    2. Paw Back Leg Swings (mid hams)
    3. One Leg Eccentric One-Quarter Squats (quads)
    4. One Leg Bridge: 5-5-5 pattern: Raise hips with one leg 5 times, on the fifth time hold for 5 seconds; repeat 5 times (or until burn in glutes)
  4. Squats: Vary the type of squat at each workout (legs at shoulder width one time, wide during another session, Hindu squats some other time, etc.)
  5. Static Body Plank: The goal is to get to 90 seconds (start with 15).
  6. Side Plank: Can be on elbow or with arm extended. The goal is to get to 90 seconds on each (start with 15 each).

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