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Rotary Stability Corrective Exercises

The rotary stability movement pattern requires reflex stabilization of the pelvis, core and shoulder girdle during same-side arm and leg movements. This is important for freestyle or backstroke swimming: if your trunk is not stable around your spine when you apply force by stroking or kicking (especially the rotational kick), much of that energy will be absorbed by the trunk.Master the corrective exercises in the sequence shown.

In addition to the rotary stability movement pattern, this test includes a separate pass (-) or fail (+) test for spinal flexion pain. If you fail this test (score of +), do not perform any of the corrective exercises until the pain issue has been evaluated by a medical professional and that pain is gone.

For information about scoring, see About the Functional Movement Screen.
For general information about the exercise progressions, see FMS Corrective Exercises.

Foam Roller exercisesAlways begin each session with the foam roller exercises
Rolling Lower Body Prone to Supine2 x 10. Make sure to use only the lower body only. When this is easy, assume a tight streamline position and roll a full 180° using your core only (NOT using your arms or legs at all).
Plank with Hip Flexion2 x 10. Focus on keeping the torso rock-solid still.
Plank on Stability Ball with Alternating Hip Flexion2 x 10. Begin on a Bosu ball if a stability ball is too difficult.

Russian Twist - Physio Ball

2 x 10.

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