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Deep Squat

Hurdle Step

In-Line Lunge

FMS Corrective Exercises

Note: If you experienced pain during the functional movement screen, DO NOT perform any of the corrective exercises unless you have been cleared to do so by a medical professional.

If you have scored 1 or 2 on any of the tests, work through the recommended corrective exercises in the order shown for that test. If you have scored 3, you have passed the test and do not need corrective exercises, but you do need to maintain your proficiency in the areas addressed by the test. If you "passed" the test but felt challenged in any area, by all means use the corrective exercises to improve your comfort level with the movement pattern tested.

Be sure to perform each exercise exactly as described. If you cannot, make sure that you have mastered the previous exercise in the progression. There is not one progression that works for all individuals, so if you have mastered one exercise but cannot perform the next exercise, get advice from your coach, or just try to perform the exercise with an adaptation that allows you to perform the movement. Always keep in mind that the goal is to master fundamental movement patterns.

Click any of the links to the left or below to access the corrective exercises for the associated movement pattern test.

All of the corrective exercise progressions begin with foam roller exercises to break down any fascial restrictions and improve muscle flexibility. You can substitute equivalent exercises with a stick or trigger point tool, but do not ignore this work at the start of each session.

Deep Squat Active Straight Leg Raise
Hurdle Step Trunk Stability Push-Up
In-Line Lunge Rotary Stability
Shoulder Mobility Reaching  

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