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Deep Squat

Hurdle Step

In-Line Lunge

About the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS tests a set of fundamental movement patterns that are essential for most types of physical activity. The test takes less than fifteen minutes. For each movement pattern, you are scored from 0-3, as described below.

Test ScoreMeaning
You performed the movement pattern perfectly. If you can perform all tests perfectly, you probably have a well-rounded training program. Keep doing what you are doing, but re-test from time to time - particularly after recovering from a training injury (when imbalances and compensations may develop).
You performed the movement pattern, but with one or more compensations. For example, you were unable to complete the deep squat without lifting your heels. For each movement pattern, work through the corrective exercise progression for that pattern.
You were unable to complete the movement pattern. For example, you were unable to lift your foot over the hurdle step. For each movement pattern, work through the corrective exercise progression for that pattern.
You experienced pain trying to perform the movement. When this happens, you should see a medical professional for an evaluation of that pain, and you should not attempt any corrective exercises until the pain is gone.

Following the FMS, your test results will be emailed to you, or will be available from your club page online. The results will include a score for each test, and the priority for addressing any issues uncovered. Address the issues in the order indicated, referring to the Corrective Exercises for each movement pattern test. Generally speaking, left-right asymmetry issues are addressed first, and mobility issues are addressed before stability issues. If you have any questions about the exercises, contact your coach.


Shoulder Mobility Reaching

Active Straight Leg Raise

Trunk Stability Push-Up

Rotary Stability

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