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Workout Index - Sterling Center YMCA

This page contains an index of workouts performed at the Sterling Center YMCA beginning March 27, 2009. A more comprehensive index of all workout themes can be found on the following webpage: MIT Workout Index.

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Weekly Workout Focus

Focus Description
Group Workout
Two tricks to keep stroking in the front quadrant.
27 Mar 09
Posture, Line, and Balance Every now and then you have to go back to square one, and cycle through the drills that remind you how impor tant it is to master the fundamentals: posture, line and balance.
3 Apr 09
Hip Rotation Endurance freestyle is sometimes called hip driven freestyle, so let's get the hip part of it right.
10 Apr 09
Strong Arms Focusing on different muscle groups used during the catch and pull can help build a whole-body stroke. And it can help to distribute the pain equally on longer swims!
17 Apr 09
Even Hips Even hip rotation to both sides is a challenge. Most swimmers rotate pretty well to one side, not so well to the other.
26 Apr 09
High Elbows (One at a Time) Work on the high-elbow, early vertical forearm catch, by doing a number of one-arm drills.
1 May 09
Kedging In swimming you set an anchor with your hand and forearm, and then pull your body to that anchor.
8 May 09
Images Conceptual focus points can provide mental images or feelings that will improve your swimming.
14 May 09
Not Half Bad One way to feel what is right or wrong with your stroke, is to swim half a repeat exaggerating a flaw, and the rest of the repeat doing it right. The first half of the repeat is "bad", the second half insn't, so we call these "not-half-bad" sets!
21 May 09
Catching up is hard to do After posture, balance and alignment problems, the timing of the freestyle catch and pull is the biggest problem area for most endurance swimmers. This focus is on front quadrant, "catch up" timing.
29 May 09

Do you have a workout focus that has worked for you? Send Coach Bill a note and let him know about it. Thanks!

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