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Kedging Focus

In times past, ships were moved in crowded harbors or against unfavorable winds or currents by kedging. To do this, a smaller boat would carry an anchor from the ship forward and drop it. Then by hauling on the anchor line the ship would be moved to that spot. Swimming is a lot like kedging: you set an anchor with your hand and forearm, and then pull your body to that anchor.

Technique Focus Points

  • Enter your anchor wide. If you enter it in front of your head, you will have to waste time and energy moving it sideways in the water.
  • Haul to the side. Not in front of you, not under you, and never on the other side of your centerline.
  • Don't push past your anchor line. You have no traction once you are past your anchor.

Kedging Focus Workouts

More Information

  • Video Clips - Arms Watch the arms underwater. They are holding a spot while the body moves past that spot.

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