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TRX Exercise Guidelines

Do not skip the warm up or cool down.

To begin, perform each TRX exercise for 60 seconds only, with 60 seconds rest between each exercise. Progress to 90 seconds for each exercise, again with 60 seconds rest. The goal is to reach failure within that 60-or-90 seconds, and then continue your exertion against that resistance for an additional 10 seconds.

When you can perform the exercise for 90 seconds without failure, progress the difficulty of that exercise as follows:

To make most standing exercises harder, do one or both of the following:

  • Move your feet toward the anchor point (increasing your body angle)
  • Narrow your base of support (feet spread wide is easiest, feet together is harder, single leg balance is hardest)

To make most standing exercises easier, adopt a split stance, moving one foot forward to support some of your weight and provide additional balance.

TRX Upper Body Workout

Warm Up
Perform a standard strength workout warm-up routine.


Note: all videos are pointers to YouTube videos made by others. We cannot guarantee that they are still valid.

TRX Standing Roll-out  video
TRX Chess Press  video
TRX Row Low  video (pull hands to bottom or rib cage)
TRX Row Mid  video (pull hands to just below armpits)
TRX Row High  video (pull hands to shoulders)
TRX Swimmer's Pull  video (not exactly our version, which should be done with bent elbows instead of straight arms)
TRX Deltoid Low  video
TRX Deltoid T video
TRX Deltoid Y  video
TRX Deltoid I  (no video - arms end straight overhead)
TRX Rotator Cuff L  (no video)
TRX Rotator Cuff W  (no video)
Cool Down
Perform a standard shoulder cool-down routine.

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