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Strength Workout - Standard Warm Up

Objective: Release tightness, loosen joints, activate muscles, and gradually ramp up your heart rate. The more intense the workout, the more important the warm-up. Do not skip this. It should take about 10 minutes, or maybe longer if you encounter hot spots while foam rolling. Keep focused and don't get too casual during the warm-up. There are many good warm-up and dynamic activation movements, so be careful that you don't do so many of those that you have no time left for the main set!


Self-myofascial release. Using a foam roller, stick, lacrosse or tennis ball, or any other tools, do a quick check of all body parts that you will be exercising today. Spend a minute or two on each hot spot, and make a note to avoid any areas where the tightness cannot be released.


Performing gentle circular movements with your hands, arms, feet, legs, hips, and head. The goal is to activate, loosen and lengthen the tissue around your joints, so start with small circles and increase the size gradually. Warm-up circles are always gentle, never forceful. If you will be working your upper body, perform the Active Warm Up and Cool Down for Shoulders.


Perform a dozen or so split squats or lunges, followed by a dozen or so burpees. The goal here is to get large muscle groups moving and to begin to elevate the heart rate.

Warm Up

Run or jog in place for about two minutes, or perform burpees for about a minute.

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