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TRX Exercise Guidelines

Do not skip the warm up (joint looseners) or cool down (walking will do). Foam rolling before and/or after is beneficial.

To begin, perform each TRX exercise for 30 seconds only, with 30 seconds rest between each exercise. Progress to two sets of each exercise, again for 30 seconds each with 30 seconds rest.

Progress the difficulty of each exercise as appropriate for that exercise and your fitness level. To make most standing exercises harder, do one or both of the following:

  • Move your feet toward the anchor point (increasing your body angle)
  • Narrow your base of support (feet spread wide is easiest, feet together is harder, single leg balance is hardest)

To make most standing exercises easier, move one foot forward to support some of your weight and provide additional balance.

TRX Core and Lower Body Workout

Warm Up
Perform a standard strength workout warm-up routine.


Note: all videos are temporary pointers to YouTube videos made by others. We will create Breakwater versions soon eventually.

TRX Postural Squat  video
TRX Front Squat   video (first version only, no jumping!)
TRX Single Leg Squat  video
TRX Hip Press   video
TRX Hamstring Curl  video
TRX Suspended Crunch  video
TRX Pike Up  video (advanced)
TRX Oblique Crunch  video (advanced)
TRX Oblique Leg Raise  video
TRX Plank  video
TRX Side Plank   video (alternative is TRX Hip Drop)
Cool Down
Perform a standard shoulder cool-down routine.

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