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Running - Correcting Toe Out

Correcting Toe Out

YouTube - Correcting Toe Out - Danny Dreyer. Does your big toe point away from your centerline while running or walking? Correct this problem by leveling your pelvis, as Danny Dreyer explains in this great video clip.

When you land your foot with the big toe pointed away from your centerline, some of the impact of landing is absorbed by your ankle (instead of by your arch), and your lower leg is twisted outward and away from your knee. Your knee joint is basically a hinge, intended to swing your lower leg straight ahead and straight back. If you run or walk with your toes pointed out all of the time, you are stressing the inside edge of that hinge, and over time it will be damaged, or a compensation may cause damage elsewhere.

The key to correcting this problem is landing your foot pointing straight ahead, in the direction of travel. Do not try to correct your foot's flight through the air during the swing phase of your stride. That may only make matters worse. Instead, focus on leveling your pelvis as Danny explains in the video clip. When your pelvis is level, your lower leg will swing straight ahead, and your foot will land pointing forward. Practice leveling your hips both while walking and running.

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