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Video Clips - Disclaimer

The embedded video clips and links on this website are provided as a free service. None of the clips actually reside on this website - most are on YouTube. Video clips often get moved around or taken off of a website. If you encounter a link that is no longer valid or a clip that no longer works, please send me a note, and I will update my webpage (eventually...)

I have selected each of these clips because I emphasize one or more points that are illustrated by the clip in one or more of my programs. If you are not one of my students, please note that in my programs the emphasis is almost always on endurance swimming technique and open water swimming. If you are a competitive sprinter, you may want to seek out a different set of clips.

Some of the clips are promotional or instructional clips for a specific product or tool. I think I own just about every tool or DVD related to swimming, and I use many of them on a regular basis. I am not suggesting that you run out and buy any or all of these things, and I am not compensated for promoting any of these products, except as noted below.

The Go Swim DVDs are the best quality swimming DVDs that I have found, and I highly recommend any of the Go Swim DVDs referenced on this website. I am an affiliate of Go Swim and receive a commission for any Go Swim DVDs that you purchase when you navigate to the Go Swim online shop using the link below or other links to the Go Swim online shop on this website. Here is a link to the Go Swim Productions LLC online shop:

Click here to visit Go Swim Productions LLC.

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