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Freestyle Programs

Video Stroke Analysis
Video stroke analysis (under and above water) will be most weeks, so that everyone leaves each session with a plan of what to work on during the week.

Additional Information
  • 6 one-hour pool sessions, one per week
  • Maximum of 4 students
  • $255 tuition, $225 for club members

Contact Coach Bill if you have any questions.

Other classes...

Core Freestyle

Class Description
This class will teach you to swim freestyle efficiently. You will learn to swim with good posture, balance, and rhythm. You will learn to work with the water instead of struggling against it.

This class is for swimmers who are comfortable in the water, but either never learned to swim efficiently, or were taught the old fashioned way: Reach-and-pull! Kick harder!

Required Equipment
Snug Fitting Swimsuit

Optional Equipment
Freestyle Snorkel, Short Fins, Tempo Trainer, Freestyle Handpaddles.
See the Equipment page for more information. See the Resources page for equpiment dealers.


Class Schedule and Online Sign-Up

1. Locate the class you want in the schedule below.
2. If there is a Sign up link, click it for special sign-up instructions for that club.
3. Otherwise, mark the Member or Non-Member box, then click the Place Order button.

If you have any questions, call 978-283-0110.

Boston Athletic Club Program Schedule
Program Begins Day Time Location Sign Up
Faster Freestyle June 2 Thursdays 6:30 PM
Freestyle from the Core June 2 Thursdays 7:30 PM
8:30 PM


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