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The following websites contain a wealth of information about swimming technique and various triathlon topics. From these sites, you can find many additional sites:

Swimming Gear

Swimming Information and Video Products

  • GoSwim.tv The best writing about swimming, and the very best swimming videos.
  • H2Ouston Swims Houston Masters home page. Click the Articles button to read great articles on swimming technique by Coach Emmett Hines, author of Fitness Swimming (highly recommended).
  • Swimming World Magazine Online All of the up-to-date swimming news, more swimming products.
  • OpenWaterSwimming.comTHE site for open water swimming information.
  • Total Immersion Technique and inspirational articles, and Terry Laughlin's book: Triathlon Swimming Made Easy (recommended reading for all triathletes).

Bike Fitting and Triathlon Gear
I've had good fits and good advice from the individuals listed at the following locations.

Coaching Services
Any coach listed here is one that I have worked with, respect and highly recommend. All have websites and provide some combination of one-on-one coaching, small group coaching and programs, or online services.


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