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Swim Cap Trick

From trigearhead - Swim Cap Trick
Melanie McQuaid (pro triathlete) provides a tip for how to store your cap, goggles, ear plugs or whatever in the sleeve of your wetsuit as you are exiting the water and on your way to T1. (I have to leave my prescription goggles on or I will not find my bicycle...)

Dave Scott -
Open Water Tips

Dave Scott - Open Water Tips
Useful tips from Dave Scott (expert coach and 5-time winner of the Hawaii Ironman). This is a good advice and a good quality clip.

Dave Scott - Beginer Tips

Dave Scott - Beginner Tips for the Race (Warming Up)
This clip is about how to warm up before the race. Note that he suggests a 10-minute warm up doing one of the activities. I suggest swimming if you will be able to stay warm until your wave starts. In any event, use his loosening-up streteches while waiting to get started. (Don't just stand there for a half hour waiting for your start!)

Dave Scott - Correct Stroke Flaws

Dave Scott - How to Correct Flaws
Comments: Poor quality video but good analysis of four very common technique problems.

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