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Video Clips - Triathlon (and related) Humor

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Swimmer Guy vs.
Triathlon Girl

Tales of the Beer Baby - A Thoughtful Debate on the Merits of Pool Practice
                                         (Swimmer Guy vs. Triathlon Girl
Comments: This great video was on Elaine Howley's blog, and I'm not sure where it came from, but I am certain that I KNOW these people.


YouTube - Cliff Bar Commercial
Comments: This is a classic. Race-specific training. Breakwater Sports would be happy to provide this type of training (of course you will need to pay all of my assistant coaches...)


YouTube - Nooo
Subtitle: Don't count your chickens before they hatch!

Tri Team Swim Training

source - YouTube
Comments: Sometime I will get my tri team to swim like this...

Bottle-Cap Drill

source - GoSwim on YouTube
Comments: Have you ever wondered what all those top-notch competitive swimmers are doing during those twice-a-day three-hour workouts?


source - title
Comments - xxx



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