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Video Clips - Sighting

Sighting is the process of spotting your next marker, so that you can make any necessary directional adjustments. There is not one way to sight that is best for all people. Most good open water swimmers use different sighting techniques for different water and course conditions. The key is to make sighting as seamless a part of your stroke as possible - you need to minimize the impact of sighting on your posture, aquatic line and balance, all of which will be disrupted by sighting.

Like everything else here, this is a work in progress... I am looking for additional clips of alternative sighting techniques...

Clip Source - Title - Comments
Sighting on the Swim

trigearhead- Sighting on the Swim
Comments: These pros (Chris Leigh and Peter Reid) describe my preferred sighting technique: on a single stroke cyle, as your stroking arm enters the water, lift your head only as high as necessary to sight forward, then drop your head and breathe to the side. Regarding how high to lift your head - it depends on conditions. In flatter water you only need to get your eyes out (we call this alligator eyes sighting) - in rougher water or more crowded conditions you will have to get your head higher.

Single-Arm Sighting Drill

GoSwim.tv - Single-Arm Sighting Drill
Comments: Something you can practice at the pool or in open water.
(But first, master the single-arm drill!)


Coach Robb- Sight Stroke vs. Breathing Stroke
Comments: While the "sight-then-breathe" method is the most common, some people (a minority) separate their sighting and breathing strokes. Here Coach Robb demonstrates in the pool.

Open Water Swimming

Gatorade Triathlon Training Series - Open Water Swimming
Comments: The sighting info is 4-5 minutes into the clip. I like almost everything on this video.

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