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Video Clips - Sculling

"When you swim, there are so many fine points to monitor that it's simply too much for the mind to process. This is why sculling, practiced on a regular basis, can build awareness in your hands, teaching them how to find the best way to hold water, rather than having to think about it. Sculling helps build swimming instinct, or sensory awareness, so you can think about the big parts of the stroke." - Glenn Mills

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Glenn Mills - The Ins and Outs of Sculling
Comments: Introduction to sculling.


Glenn Mills - Sculling - Kickboard Sit
Comments: Sitting on a kickboard allows you to isolate the sculling without worrying about breathing or keeping your body balanced at the surface. (But it may take a little practice to get balanced on the kickboard!)

Glenn Mills - Sculling Sideways
Comments: If you thought sculling forward was tough, try sideways!


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