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Video Clips - Kicking

The first clip is a short version of everything you need to do. The second clip is actually a playlist of four comprehensive clips on everything you need to know about kicking. The remaining clips illustrate various drills.

DrillSource - Title - Comments

Natalie Coughlin - Kicking

Natalie Coughlin - Kicking Tips
Comments: Here's the short version - notice how compact her kick is. Focus on:

  1. Kick and recovery (your leg is a lever that works in both directions)
  2. Slight knee bend (use long levers instead of short ones)
  3. Keep as much pressure on your feet as possible (both during kick and recovery)

Race Club

Gary Hall Sr. - Secret Tips Legs
Comments: Here's the long version - this playlist contains a set of four great kicking clips:

  1. Propulsion
  2. Lift
  3. Stabilizing Force
  4. Inertia

Click the following link to watch the playlist on YouTube (it's easier to navigate between clips on the YouTube player): Open Playlist on YouTube.

Trent Grimsley
Kick (top)


Trent Grimsley - YouTube - English Channel Record Solo Swim - 21 miles, 6:55
Comments: Note the two-beat kick. He swims a 3mph pace with a two-beat kick.
Note the straight-tracking arms in the lower clip. No wasted wobbles here!


Trent Grimsley - YouTube - English Channel Record Solo Swim - 21 miles, 6:55
Comments: Um, he should not have littered...

Training-Fin Sprint

Glenn Mills - Training-Fin Sprints
Comments: This isn't just for sprinters. Glenn emphasizes using fins to help adjust to the pain and effort of fast swimming - but I like to emphasize that faster swimming for longer periods of time helps your entire body adapt to the increased drag of swimming faster.

Training - Fin Sprint from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

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