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Freestyle Breathing

Comments: Great clip with quality video and great explanations of why head position is so important while breathing. It is long, but watch the whole thing and you will see at least one problem that you have with your breathing. Also, the swimmer (Matt) has really great technique - watch his arms for examples of great straight-ahead recovery, entry, extension, and the early-vertical-forearm catch and pull. And notice the really nice six-beat kick. Rotation. Head position. Everything is great.

Breathing with Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, & Bob Bowman

Freestyle Breathing with Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, & Bob Bowman
Comments: Shorter version of the above from an Olympic coach. Note that Coach Bowman mentions that Katie Hoff - one of the best & fastest swimmers in the world - needs to work on her breathing. Think you should work a bit on yours?

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Open Water

swimart - Leslie Thomas
Comments: Lots of good information.

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