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The Race Club - How to Pull Underwater Drills
Comments: Drills for learning the early vertical forearm catch and pull, by Gary Hall Sr. The most important thing to practice initially is sculling with the hands and forearms vertical, and the elbows as far out front as possible.

Go Swim - EVF
Comments: Early Vertical Forearm drill using a front-mount FINIS snorkel. You can do the drill without the snorkel.

Go Swim - Practice the Catch
Comments: Slowing down and focusing on the catch.

Go Swim - 3L/3R Single-Arm
Comments: This drill is more about the arm you are not stroking with.

Go Swim - Fingertip Drag
Comments: One of the most valuable drills for endurance swimmers.

Go Swim - Mega Catch-Up Drill
Comments: Great drill to focus on the early vertical forearm catch and pull.

Go Swim - Water Polo Wide Catch
Comments: Avoid crossing the centerline, and keep those arms tracking straight.

Go Swim - Head-Up Swimming
Comments: Helps you to feel the catch, and keep the arms wide (see above).

Go Swim - Finis Forearm Fulcrum
Comments: A great tool to help learn the early vertical forearm catch.

Go Swim: DRYLAND - EVF Isometric Exercise

Comments: If any of this hurts, stop or back off a bit. Otherwise, I strongly recommend that you master this dryland exercise in three stages. Watch the video first, and then perform the exercise a couple of times a day. Do not rush it. It will take some time to "learn" to rotate your arms externally to the point where your elbows face the ceiling at the 11-and-1 o'clock position.

  1. First just learn to rotate your arms in your shoulder sockets, without applying any pressure on your hands.
  2. Increase your range of motion. The goal is to rotate your elbows straight up toward the ceiling. Start by moving your arms back towards a 9-and-3 o'clock position (assuming 12 is straight ahead) until you can get your elbows rotated straight up, comfortably. Then move your arms slightly forward toward the 11 o'clock - 1 o'clock position and start the exercise. Start slowly, rotating your arm externally in your shoulder socket, and rotating your entire "shoulder assembly" toward your head. Then speed up the action as the movement becomes more comfortable. When you can perform this at the 11-and-1 o'clock position - or as close to that position as you are going to get - you are ready for the next stage.
  3. After rotating the elbows, practice applying pressure on the heel of your hand (not your fingers). But be sure not to apply pressure until after you get to your maximum rotation point.

High Elbow Catch Training with the Halo Trainer
Comments: A useful tool for training yourself not to drop the elbow.

Coach Al Lyman - EVF Technique on the Vasa Ergometer
Comments: Coach Al Lyman and Lizbeth Kenyon demonstrate how to practice the Early Vertical Forearm cach on the Vasa Ergometer.

The "Power of the Y" with swimmer Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
Comments: How to engage the correct (big) muscles during the pull.

I've replaced this clip with a pointer to the Vasa ERG YouTube channel. I like all of the tips from Karlyn and the other two coaches - Tim Crowley and Al Lyman. (I own a Vasa ERG and love it!)

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