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Catch Early and High

This sequence illustrates the early vertical forearm catch. The sequence begins with the stroking arm at full extension.

In the second shot, the swimmer flexes her wrist slightly to begin the catch. Her hand is diving down quickly, but her elbow remains high in the water, because she has not yet started to pull back with that arm.

In the third shot, she is continuing to get her hand and forearm perpendicular to her direction of travel, and in the fourth shot, she has a good catch on the water and is beginning the pull.

Notice that her elbow is still out front, and it has never traveled very deep in the water.

The really hard thing is learning to separate the catch from the pull. Catch first, and then (and only then) begin your pull.

How to learn? See the Video Clips - Arms webpage and practice any of the catch drills.

What to do after the catch? See Pull Straight.


Below is a complete catch and pull sequence of the same swimmer viewed head-on.

Who is that swimmer? Click here (TBD).

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