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Forearm Focus

You can hold a spot in the water using just your hand. Or you can use your hand plus your forearm. Which makes a better paddle blade?

Technique Focus Points

  • Weightless hand. Try to have a weightless hand until you begin your pull - that keeps the focus off your hands while you catch.
  • Pop your elbow. Begin the catch by popping your elbow toward the surface and slightly rotating your arm externally. Do not even think about your hand!
  • Press the Y: During the pull, press on your wrist or the heel of your hand.
  • Feel the pressure. Learn how to feel and react to pressure on your forearms. (Sculling will help.)

What to Watch For

  • Bent wrist during the catch and pull. Means you are not using your forearm.
  • Sore shoulders. May mean that you are pulling on your hands instead of on your forearms.

Forearm Focus Workouts

More Information

  • Video Clips - See the Arms Video Clips page. Most arm drills can be done with a forearm focus.

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