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EVF Wet & Dry Focus

The early vertical forearm catch is tricky to learn. Tonight you will alternate between practicing the EVF catch and pull in the water and on a Vasa Ergometer.

Technique Focus Points

  • Point and Pause. There is a slight pause as your arm reaches full extension.
  • Pop and Press. Rotate your arm externally to pop your elbow toward the surface; point your fingertips at the bottom, keeping your wrist straight. This should get your hand and forearm vertical in the water, with your elbow still pointing straight ahead. Now press your body past your hand-forearm anchor.

What to Watch For

  • Bubbles during the catch or pull. Bubbles are for sprinters!
  • Sore elbow. You may be pulling too early before your hand/forearm paddle is set.
  • Sore shoulder. You may not be rotating onto the other side as you pull.
  • Sore triceps. You may be pulling too late or too far.

EVF Focus Workouts

More Information

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