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Arms Focus - Group Workout

Objective: General focus on the arms mixing freestyle 200s with 4x50 drill sets. All drills are half-bads. In this type of drill you exaggerate a flaw and then make a correction. Your body should become more aware of when you are doing something badly and when you are doing it correctly.

Total Distance = 2400 yards

Set 1 - Warm-up; Dist = 400 yards
1 X 400 Freestyle Swim on 8:00 - Training Cat: EN1 - Start slow and build to EN1 pace.

Main Sets - Repeat Drill Set A (100 yds) and Conditioning Set B (200 yds) focus and half-bad exaggerations as described below. All conditioning sets are freestyle only at EN3 pace (hard).

   Set A - Drill; Dist = 100 yards
   2 X 50 Freestyle Swim on 1:00 - Training Cat: EN1 - Focus and drill as described below

   Set B - Conditioning; Dist = 200 yards
   1X 200 Freestyle Swim on 3:00 - Training Cat: EN3 - Freestyle with focus as described below

Set Focus and Half-Bad Exaggerations
2 Focus: Arm entry location
Half Bads: enter too wide, enter in front of head

Focus: Arm entry force
Half Bads: too forceful, too wimpy

4 Focus: Arm extension depth
Half Bads: too deep, too shallow
5 Focus: Pull location
Half Bads: under body, too wide of body
6 Focus: Pull length
Half Bads: too short, too long
7 Focus: Front quadrant timing
Half Bads: 100% catch-up, windmill (symmetrical arms)

Set 6 - Cool-down; Dist = 400 yards
4 X 100 Freestyle Swim on 2:00 - Training Cat: REC
Relaxed swimming: wide entry, EVF catch and pull, high-elbow recovery.

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