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Where to Start?

Start in your mind's eye, with a vision of you swimming.

Not just a still shot. A video clip in your mind of you swimming your stroke the way you want to swim it.

Watch that clip at normal speed.

And then watch it again in slow motion, so that you can see all of the movements.

This isn't just the beginning of your swimming experience. It's not something you do just once and then never again.

It's a vision that drives your swimming experience every day that you swim.

Because swimming begins in your mind. So you might as well start training it now.

Not sure what "good swimming" looks like?

Start searching the web for clips of experts performing the type of swimming that you want to do. Be specific. If you are a triathlete or an open water swimmer, don't swim with a vision of somebody swimming the fastest 50 yards ever.

OK. You've got some clips and you know what it looks like. How do you actually do it?

Make a plan. And practice. Maybe strength training or private private lessons will help.

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