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USAT CEU Program - March 29, 2008
Presentation Details

Date: Sat Mar 29, 2008
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM
Location: Le Méridien Hotel, Cambridge, MA
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1: Video Analysis for Running and Swimming

Topic 1
9 AM-12:15 PM
Neil L. Cook

The only way to effectively analyze sports movement is with digital video analysis. Most sports movements occur too quickly for the human eye to discern the fine nuances of movement, angles and body position. Still photography belies the movement - preceding and succeeding the moment the movement was captured.

We will cover everything you need either to start using this technology with your athletes or to refine your use. We've been video taping and analyzing triathletes for years. Our first analysis was done in 1971 with a 16 mm film camera. The technology has come a long way since then.
We will provide you with a set of procedures to capture a swimmer or a runner, record their movement, and store the digital video.

We will cover the equipment and software we have found to be the most helpful in capturing, analyzing and presenting the movement. We will discuss how to present your analysis to your athlete in the most effective and efficient manner.

Finally we will review the analysis process - what to look for - with swimmers and runners.

We will take raw digital video and produce a final produce during the workshop. There will be ample time for questions.

Neil L. Cook
As Asphalt Green's MultiSport Program Manager and MultiSport Head Coach, Neil works with adult endurance athletes at all levels from beginner to world team members, and all distances from sprint distance triathlons to ultra marathons. He works with triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers and cross country skiers. His programs and coaching are geared to helping endurance athletes reach their goals and remain injury free. As director of the very popular Tri Stroke Clinic at Asphalt Green, Neil has coached close to 200 swimmers of all levels annually in open water, triathlon swimming. Neil also conducts one-on-one swim sessions (well over 200 per year) in the pool at Asphalt Green and in local open water locations. Neil also provides swimming and running video analysis. Neil's belief in the fundamentals of sports is as direct as his coaching style: "the basics of athletic achievement cannot be taught. They are part of us all. We just need to discover them for ourselves and develop them to the best of our abilities."

Neil has been an endurance athlete for most of his post-college life, having completed 33 marathons, 15 ultras and close to 1,000 other endurance races. Neil has degrees from Springfield College, Adelphi University and Columbia University in physical education, motor learning and neurophysiology. Neil is also a member of the Northeast regional Board of Directors for USA Triathlon.


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