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Problem: Early/Hard Pull

If you are pulling too soon or too hard, you will notice a trail of bubbles around your hand. This indicates that your hand is slipping. Check out some video clips of good endurance swimmers. You won't see many bubbles. They have a slight hesitation at full extension, while their hand finds quiet water to begin the catch. And they don't pull too hard - they have learned not to spin their wheels.

When you reach full extension, hesitate and glide for just an instant before beginning your catch. This lets your hand glide past the turbulence created by extending that hand forward. Then be gentle but strong on your pull. Think about heaving your body over the spot in the water you are holding with your hand and forearm. Do not think about yanking on the water in order to move your body forward.

While learning to hesitate with that extended arm, DO NOT hesitate with the other arm. That arm should be out of the water and heading straight forward at this point. If you stop it or slow it down out of the water, you will sink, and you will be wasting the forward-moving energy carried by the recovering arm.

What is the rigt way to catch and pull? See Good Catch from the Side and
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