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New Program Handouts

This page contains pointers to handouts for programs that are new, undergoing revisions, or otherwise non-standard.

All handouts are in PDF format. Some contain video clips, and you will need Adobe Reader 9 (or later) to play the video clips successfully. Adobe Reader is a free download, available from www.adobe.com.

Breakwater Workout 1 Handouts (Cape Ann YMCA)

Introduction: Level 1 Information (Attendance, equipment, cancellations, etc.)

Workout 1: Fundamentals (03/12/2009)

Workout 2: High-Elbow Recovery Basics (03/19/2009)

Workout 3: Early Vertical Forearm Anchor (03/26/09)

Workout 4: Skating & Kayaking (03/31/09)

Workout 5: Hip Focus (04/09/09)

Workout 6: Introducing Sighting (04/16/09)

Workout 7: Introducing Drafting (04/32/09)

Workout 8: Arms, One at a Time (04/30/09)

Workout 9: Pull Straight, Swim Straight (05/07/09)

Workout 10: Images (05/14/09)

Extra Materials

Extra: Freestyle Swimming Evaluation (5/14/09)

Extra: Dryland Catch Drills (1/8/2009)

Extra: Core Strength (Roller and Mat Exercises) (in this document, click on the video clips to activate them)

Extra: Supplements (tools, pace table, workout planning, etc. - 1/5/2009)

Other Programs

Feel free to browse through the materials for other programs, but be aware that my programs are under constant revision:

"Standard" Program Handouts Page

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