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How to Send Video Clips to Coach Bill

When to send me a file: If I have told you to send me your video clip (in other words, you are a Breakwater athlete, or I have agreed to look at a clip for one of your athletes).

When NOT to send me a file: If you think I would enjoy looking at your clip. I am busy and will not download clips that I am not expecting.

YouSendIt dot Com provides a free file email service if you do not use any of their frills (none of which we need to send a video clip). These instructions were written on March 8, 2010. Things change. If you have trouble sending me a file, please let me know.

  1. Click www.yousendit.com to open that website in a separate window.
    That window should contain a Try sending now panel.
  2. Copy and paste my email address bsteele@breakwatersportstraining.com to the To box.
  3. Enter your email address in the From box.
  4. Enter something in the Subject or Message box to remind me of what the clip is about.
  5. Click the Browse button and then locate and select the video file on your system.
    The remaining options cost money or require you to create an account. You can skip those.
  6. Click the Send It button.

That's it. I will send you a confrimation email when I receive the file.


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