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Video Clips

The embedded videos and links below are provided as a free service. Video clips often get moved around or taken off of a website. If you encounter a link that is no longer valid, please send a note (see Contact Us, above), and I will update this page (eventually...)

I have selected each of these clips because I emphasize one or more points that are illustrated by the clip in one or more of my programs. If you are not one of my students, please note that in my programs the emphasis is almost always on endurance swimming technique. If you are a sprinter, you may want to seek out a different set of clips.

Some of these clips are promotional or instructional clips for this product or that. I own just about every tool related to swimming, and I use many of them. I am not suggesting you have to run out and buy all of these things, and I am not compensated for promoting the use of any of these products.

Drill Source - Title - Comments
Early Vertical Forearm Catch

Glenn Mills - Practice the Catch
Comments: Slowing down and focusing on the catch.

Freestyle - Practice the Catch from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Head-UP or Tarzan

Glenn Mills - Water Polo Wide Catch
Comments: Helps correct problem of crossing the centerline or entering too close to the head

Freestyle - Water Polo Wide Catch from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Open-Water Breathing

Glenn Mills - Open-Water Breathing
Comments: Practice open-water breathing techniques at the pool

Freestyle - Open-Water Breathing from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Fingertip Drag

Glenn Mills - Fingertip Drag
Comments: There are many aspects of the stroke that you can work on with this drill (but remember, one focus at a time)

Freestyle - Fingertip Drag from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Narrow Your Shoulders, Scrape Your Ears

Glenn Mills - Narrow Your Shoulders
Comments: After getting your entry wide and keeping your pull wide (see Tarzan, above), be sure you do not open your shoulders. Big people can swim through a small space...

Freestyle - Narrow Your Shoulders from Glenn Mills on Vimeo.

Three Freestyle Tips

Natalie Coughlin - Freestyle Tips for Triathletes

Comments: First tip: Shorten entry and exit is a little unclear. By "shorten entry" I think what she means do not go too deep. By "shorten exit" I think she means do not make your stroke too long.

Second tip: Pull with your body - good advice but bad video - her arms go very deep on this sequence because she is trying to minimize the arm movement to illustrate how she is lifting her body over her arms. Lift your body over your anchored hand and forearm, but do not get your arms deep like she is doing here.

Third tip: Keep your arms within your peripheral vision - I like this because it helps to keep your stroke compact.

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