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Club Hosted Pool Programs

Breakwater Sports can provide programs for your club, at your pool. This can be a cost effective way of providing video analysis or multi-session programs for club members. You supply the pool and the swimmers, and Breakwater provides the coaching at a fixed rate of $400 per session. Each session can be up to four hours. The following table shows the cost per swimmer for a single session, five-session, or ten-session programs.

  Cost Per Swimmer for Typical Programs
Number of

(total $400)

Five-Session Program
(total $2,000)

Ten-Session Program
(total $4,000)
5 80.00 400.00 800.00
8 50.00 250.00 500.00
10 40.00 200.00 400.00
16 25.00 125.00 250.00

The above does not include any pool costs, which will be the responsibility of your club. Note that at least one Breakwater Sports coach will be a certified Red Cross lifeguard, and there will be at least two coaches on deck for all programs.

Breakwater Sports provides two types of video programs: Video Analysis, which provides a comprehensive analysis for up to 16 swimmers, and Video Checkup, which provides a less detailed look at a larger number of swimmers (up to 32).

Depending on the number of swimmers and their ability levels, a technique program can be run in from 5-10 sessions. For a description of the technique programs, see the Program Schedule page, but ignore the pricing information on that page, since the pricing for a club will be on a per-night basis as opposed to a per-student basis.

The single-session video programs are described below.

Single-Session Video Programs

For a video program, we need two lanes together on one edge of the pool, with the lane line between them removed. For all video programs, the video clips can be provided to the host club on a USB disk, or they can be downloaded later from the Breakwater website (this is a better approach, since each swimmer can download their own clips).

Between one and four hours of pool time can be used for a video program. Most often, video programs are done as three or four one-hour sessions, with the swimmers divided into groups. Each group is video taped at the start of the hour, and then that group gets out of the pool and reviews the clips together.

An alternative approach requires only one hour of pool time. In this case all swimmers are video taped one after the other, and the video clips are reviewed in a classroom or at a nearby location. One club combines a video analysis session with a potluck social at a nearby house. (If there is food involved, the analysis can run longer than four hours...)

The differences between the two types of single-session programs are described in more detail, below. Contact Coach Bill if you would like to schedule a program, or if you have any questions.

Video Analysis Program All swimmers in a group perform the same stroke. For each swimmer, between two and four camera angles are used: underwater from the side and front, and above water from the side and front. There can be a maximum of 16 swimmers (4 per hour). The video is reviewed on the pool deck, and during the next week each swimmer is sent a follow-up e-mail with still shots, suggestions and reminders.
Video Checkup Program This program is intended as a follow-on to the more comprehensive Video Analysis Program, or as a recurring program for more experienced swimmers. Each swimmer is filmed performing the stoke of their choice from one or more angles (also of their choice). There can be a maximum of 32 swimmers (8 per hour). The video is reviewed on the pool deck, but for this program there is no follow-up email.

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