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Triathlon Club Presentations

As a service to USA Triathlon, Coach Bill is available to speak at triathlon club meetings in the Boston area, for no charge. All presentations must be scheduled well in advance. These presentations can be done in 45 minutes to one hour. All presentations are in PowerPoint format, and most include video clips. Coach Bill will bring a laptop computer, but the host club will need to supply a PC projector or large-screen monitor for viewing.

The following presentations are currently available. Contact Coach Bill to schedule a presentation.

Relaxation and Breathing Presentation and demo illustrating dry-land and in-the-water exercises to become more relaxed, and to develop optimal breathing technique.
Efficient Freestyle Technique The basics of efficient freestyle; including drills and exercises used to master good form.
Open Water Skills for Triathletes All of the open-water basics: Equipment, starts, sighting, drafting, turns, etc. and how to practice open-water skills both at the pool and in the open water. (This is the most popular winter meeting topic for tri clubs.)
Fear of Open Water Addresses all of the real or imagined issues people have with open water. It is intended to calm (not frighten!) open water swimmers.
Core Strength for Swimmers Presentation and demo using foam rollers (we will bring a few), based on a dry-land Pilates-like routine developed by June Quick for the Stanford University women's swim team.
Speed Plus Endurance How to put together a swimming workout plan to build speed and endurance. This is recommended for more experienced swimmers only.
Early Vertical Forearm Catch Focus on the catch portion of the stroke. Recommended only if most of the crowd swims pretty well.
Using Video in the Endless Pool Intended for coaches, contains equipment recommendations and describes Endless Pool coaching techniques, including tips for addressing general swimming and specific tecnique issues.

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