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Butterfly & Breaststroke 1

Objective: Learn to swim the two short-axis strokes. They are more alike than you think!

Audience: This program is for newer swimmers, or for swimmers who have no competitive swimming background, but want to get involved in masters swimming.

This program is not for fearful swimmers, and it is not for competitive swimmers who want to shave a fraction of a second from their time. Contact Coach Bill for additional coaching options in these cases.

Training Method: By mastering a progression of drills and exercises that have been used successfully in both kids' and masters' swimming camps, you will learn to swim butterfly and breaststroke comfortably, one step at a time.

A handout for each session will be available online. The handout describes all drills and
exercises performed, and contains practice
tips for mastering the drills.

Required Equipment: Swim fins (see the Equipment page).

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