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Breathe Easy

For beginners and fearful swimmers

In six sessions you can:

  • Relaxation in the water
  • Comfortable breathing

Class Description
This class is for adult beginners or swimmers who are uncomfortable breathing in the water.

If you didn't grow up on the water, swimming day-in and day-out all summer long, chances are you never learned to relax and breathe easily in the water.

Any discomfort or fear you may have is completely normal. We are land-based, vertical creatures, conditioned by nature to panic and flee from the water. When your body tenses and your brain screams "Get out! Get out!" that is as it should be.

But if you take the right approach, you will be amazed at how easily you can condition yourself to overcome these basic instincts.

Additional Information

  • Six one-hour pool sessions
  • Maximum six students
  • $200 tuition, $180 for club members

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Breathe Easy Program Class Schedule
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All 2004 programs have ended. Please check back later for the 2005 summer schedule.

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