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Indoor Triathlon Training Program

Experience the benefits of cross-training in three sports!
Five week programs. Three group workouts per week. Enroll for 5, 10 or all 15 workouts (mix and match). Max class size 12.

Triathletes or those who just want to like train like one!
6:00 PM Sport Location
Tuesday Run (treadmill) Cardio Theater
Wednesday Swim


Thursday Bike (spin) 2nd Floor Open Studio
Training Plan
Complete five-week training plan including workouts you can do on your own or with others on days when there is no group workout.
Mini Triathlon
At the end of the program there will be an optional mini triathlon to evaluate progress. You will swim for 10 minutes, spin for 30 minutes and run for 20 minutes.
Swim Goggles and a snug-fitting suit.
Bike Sneakers and comfortable spinning apparel.
Run Sneakers and comfortable running apparel.
All Three A bottle of water. A sense of humor.
Workouts Mount Auburn Club Members Non-Members
Bill Steele of Breakwater Sports, USA Triathlon Certified Coach (USAT), MIT Triathlon Team Coach, American Swim Coach Association (ASCA), Triathlete and Open Water Racer (Alcatraz Age-Group Champion, 2007)

Why train like a triathlete?
By focusing on different muscle groups and movement patterns for each sport, you can achieve a higher level of overall fitness with less chance of an overuse injury.
Why train indoors?
Without all of the outdoor variables like weather, road conditions, hills, etc., we can monitor each individual's power output or pace to optimize the training for every workout.
Can I prepare for an actual triathlon in 5 weeks?
If you are reasonably fit, yes. If you are new to cycling or swimming, it may take longer. But 10 weeks is adequate for almost anybody to prepare for a sprint-distance triathlon.


Note: Coach Bill will be racing in 8-10 triathlons this year, and you are welcome to join him! (See Coach Bill's Races 2010.)

Schedule (Five-week programs)
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Mount Auburn Club, Watertown, MA


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