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Breakwater Fitness Swimming Workout

Objective: A coached group workout where you can build fitness and endurance while swimming with good form.

Audience: This program is intended for all levels of fitness swimmers, from newer swimmers to those who compete in US Masters swimming. You will be grouped in lanes by ability. Before enrolling in the program, you should be comfortable swimming one lap (down and back) with swimming breathing.

Training Method: Efficient swimming technique can best be learned by mastering specific sets of drills that teach the fundamentals of good form, one aspect at a time. By cycling through various progressions of technique drills combined with freestyle swimming, swimmers learn to maintain good form over greater distances, while incrementally increasing overall speed.

Handouts for each workout will be available to students online. The handout describes all drills and exercises performed, and contains practice tips for mastering the drills.

Cost: Varies by location and duration of the program. The goal is to have a cost of $15 or less per workout.

For program dates, see the Program Schedule page.


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