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Breakwater Freestyle 2

Objective: Learn to swim freestyle faster, while maintaining good form. Both freestyle and backstroke technique will be reviewed, but the emphasis is on freestyle.

Audience: This program is for graduates of the Breakwater Freestyle 1 program or similar programs like Total Immersion. It is also beneficial for more experienced swimmers who are able to swim fast, but have not focused on distance or endurance swimming.

This program is not for newer swimmers who cannot swim 100 yards continuously (see Breakwater Freestyle 1). Also, it is not for fearful swimmers who cannot put their face into the water (see the Private Lessons page).

Training Method: At the initial meeting, we capture video of each student swimming freestyle from four viewing angles: underwater side and front, and above water side and front. The videos are uploaded to a separate webpage for each swimmer. Comments are then added describing issues and corrective actions for three or more aspects of the stroke (body position, breathing, and arms, for example).

For all remaining sessions, alternating sets of drills and freestyle swimming are used to focus on technique, one aspect of the stroke at a time. There is a coach for each lane, with up to five swimmers in the lane. As the swimmers practice by repeatedly swimming sets of freestyle or drills, the coaches continually capture video, pulling swimmers aside, and working with each swimmer in the lane, one at a time. This keeps everybody moving and makes the best use of video equipment and coaching time.

Equipment: Goggles and a snug-fitting swimsuit. Fins are optional, but Alpha Fins from Aqua Sphere are recommended for most swimmers - see the Equipment page. If you need reading glasses to see video on an iPad (about 7x9 inches), bring those to the pool - you will be reviewing video without getting out of the water.

Program Outline: Eight 90-minute sessions in eight weeks. In this program, both fundamental and more challenging drills are used to focus on various aspects of the stroke. Each session of the program will have a specific focus, for example: body position, breathing, arms, kicking or timing.

Session plans are available, describing all drills and exercises performed. Suggested practice plans are also available, and these provide workouts that can be easily adjusted for the amount of practice time available between lessons.


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