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Efficient Freestyle (MIT Pool Only)

Objective: Develop efficient, flowing freestyle technique.

Participants: This program is for swimmers who are comfortable in the water, and who can swim 100 yards continuously. It is not for fearful swimmers.

Training Method: Progressions of drills focus on the fundamentals of efficient freestyle form, one aspect of the stroke at a time.

Equipment: Goggles and a snug-fitting swimsuit are required. Fins are optional, but Alpha Fins from Aqua Sphere are recommended for most swimmers - see the Equipment page.

Program Outline: Between 8 and 13 40-minute sessions, twice per week (we usually go for 60 minutes if the lanes are not scheduled for another class immediately following this one). Drill progressions focus on the following aspects of the stroke:

  • Relaxation, posture and balance
  • Seamless breathing
  • Propulsive and rotational kicking
  • The early forearm catch and pull
  • Coordinating the kick to the catch and pull

Cost: Varies according to the number of classes in the course: about $6 per class for DAPER members, about $15 per class for non-members (DAPER = MIT Department of Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation).

To Register. These programs are taught at the MIT Zesiger Center pool. I do not coach all of the Efficient Freestyle courses taught, only the one(s) listed in the table below. Click the course name below to be redirected to the MIT registration system (which will be opened in another browser window).

Course Name Day & TimeDatesLocationClasses
Adult Efficient Freestyletbd*2013 (?)Zesiger Centertbd

* From the registation page, check the complete course schedule. There may be one or more exceptions to the schedule due to holidays or other events at the pool.


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